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DNA Series Essence - White with Leopard

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"We need to do the Essence next." I told my brother as we walked down the fairway. 

"You think?" he grinned in mock surprise, "How many you got in your bag?" 

"Three," I said with a grin of my own.

"Welp, I've got 2 right now and the Essence hasn't left my bag since it came out. I think you're right!"

A year later, we are finally able to offer our own custom DBL Helix DNA Essences. We personally designed the unique front AND back stamp to represent the nature of our relationship to the game and our appreciation for design.

The front stamp features a strand-built golden spiral, resemblant of a nautilus shell, an icon of harmony in the design world. The back stamp also employs another natural pattern based on the fibonacci sequence, the basis of the golden ratio.

Join the DNA movement with this limited edition, double-stamped Essence.  

Bro Notes: If disc golf is in your DNA we’ve got a pretty good feeling you’ll love this mold. We thrown them extensively and they connect on all the right strands for an understable fairway driver with a ton of glide. Matt has hit three aces with the Essence, so far...

Flight Numbers:
Speed = 8
Glide = 6
Turn = -2
Fade = 1