Double Helix

DNA Series Discraft ESP Swirly ZONE 172

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The first ever DBL Helix DNA Series disc is this special run from Discraft. It brings back the coveted 2019 Tour Series ESP Swirly plastic. Anyone who loves their Brian Earhart edition from 2019, or who wishes they had one, will love these! 

This run is pretty flexy with a lovely smooth, but grippy finish. These flat topped Zones will enable you to finesse approach shots with and also handle the torque of a strong backhand when needed. Definitely great in the wind.

Custom stamp artwork, designed by the brothers at DBL Helix, practically jumps off these swirly colorways and is already turning heads at local courses. The question may be, will you show it or throw it? 

Bro Notes: We find the Zone a solid placeholder in our bags and rely on it for medium distance upshots and longer putts, especially if wind comes into play. You'll want to try this disc no matter your skill level. And as you might guess, this is our favorite run ever.

Flight Numbers:

Speed = 4

Glide = 3

Turn = 0

Fade = 3

Overall Stability Rating = 2.0 (overstable)