Our disc golf story began in 2014 at Roland park in Akron Pa. Friends invited us to play a round of disc golf and like so many other first time players, I became very intrigued with the game and kept going back for more of that…feeling?  
For me (Ken), it’s the flight of the disc, that soaring, gliding, bending, hovering magic and the creative possibilities that are present with every single throw. Left or right gap or that clean shot right up the middle? Understable hyzer flip or overstable on anhyzer for that beautiful S curve? Do you rip a distance driver, finesse a fairway or wow the card with that glidey putter/mid? Do you play for consistency and tactically manage risk/reward or do you throw caution to the wind, say something like, check this out, and then, yup, grip lock it straight into the first tree available.
For me (Sheila), it’s all about friendship, connection, and relationships. A solo round of disc golf sounds depressing, but with some friends it all comes alive. The disc golf recipe starts with good friends, a warm sunny relaxed afternoon, and a topping of pretty discs. What’s not to love about some exercise and chatting it up with friends while walking through scenic parks and enjoying nature.
We are excited to take the helm of Double Helix Disc Sports and grow it sustainably with a long term perspective in mind. Our plan for Double Helix Disc Sports is to stay positioned as a premium disc golf retailer with commitment to continued excellence in branding and design as well as exceptional care in product handling and packaging and responsive customer service.
Our vision is to create an enjoyable and uniquely informed disc golf shopping experience unmatched in the industry with a commitment to provide premium discs, apparel, and products that we at Double Helix Disc Sports can genuinely stand behind and support. 
We owe a deep and endless thank-you to Matt and Mark Feener the founders of Double Helix Disc Sports. They have created and now passed on to us a legacy of excellence that we will always hold as our standard. Thank-you Matt and Mark. #letsgothrow.
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