In 2016, Matt and Mark, brothers living in central PA, discovered the sport of disc golf after noticing these weird baskets at a local park. Both of us found the sport on our own around the same time, but we soon connected on the course.

With jobs in graphic design, a "walk in the park" with a more physical and challenging purpose was just what we needed to follow up a day in the office! The love of the sport seems to be in our DNA, just like our bond as brothers.

A 'double helix' šŸ§¬ is a spiral-shaped element of DNA, and there's even a throw called a 'double helix'! (mostly used in Ultimate circles, disc golfers call it a 'flex shot')

In 2018, DBL Helix (Double Helix) was born out of our passion for the sport of disc golf and our enjoyment of doing things together.

We exist to provide the best discs for your level of play, the equipment that helps you advance, and apparel that keeps you feeling comfortable and looking great out on the course.Just like our love for the game, we strive to keep top quality and extreme service in the DNA of our company.

We are the duo of Double Helix and we love serving the disc golf community. Is disc golf in your DNA? #letsgothrow


Double Helix Disc Sports provides a high-end customer experience and meaningful personal relationships throughout the disc golf community.

We do this by distributing curated products (mainly discs) from top manufacturers, designing our own accessory products and branded merch, and presenting our products in a visually pleasing environment, whether online or in-person.

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