Evolution Neo Origin

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Discmania Evolution Neo Origin

The Origin is the small diameter midrange driver with big potential. The smooth rounded feel of the nose provides an excellent feel in hand paired with a gentle false bead to add just a touch of stability. Players will enjoy the tacky plastic that Neo offers and superb gliding ability when thrown at any speed. Origin is fairly understandable at high speeds, making a perfect ally for long turnover shots and precise, laser straight lines when thrown with control. It will thrive in tailwinds, wooded fairways, and calmer conditions out on the course. You will be blown away at how far this disc will fly compared to it’s flight numbers. If the fan favorite Essence had a mid-range relative, this is it. Good for: Mid range drives, approach shots, all skill levels

Bro Notes:
After a few throws with this disc it feels like an old friend. This went straight in the bag and I expect it to stay! It was the perfect answer for those straight shots that need to stay lower than a putter but not as long as a driver. With a buttery smooth anhyzer this disc fits the bill.


Flight Numbers:
Speed = 5
Glide = 5
Turn = -1
Fade = 1