Proto Kratos - Paul Mcbeth

Color/Weight :
River Teal /173
Raspberry /175
Raspberry /174
Raspberry Red /174
Raspberry Red /173
Gray-Rainbow Stamp /173
Gray-Rainbow Stamp /172
Gray-Black Stamp /172
Gray-Silver Stamp /174
Gray-Silver Stamp /173
Burnt Orange /174
Rusty Orange /173
Blue Blue /172
Black /174
Black /173
Orange*Test /174
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Overstable, Optimized, and Outstanding:

Whether you're sinking putts or threading approaches, the Kratos is your ticket to a more consistent and reliable game. Don't just play; dominate the course with a disc that's set to become a staple in bags everywhere.

Plastic Blend:

The Kratos isn't just about performance; it's also about the feel in your hand. Crafted with a special rubber blend, the grip is second to none, offering comfort and confidence as you line up each shot.

Field Test Notes: I found it to be not as overstable as the numbers suggest. The fade was more of a 1.0. At the same time, it had an impressive amount of high speed stability and was resistant to turn. This disc flies fast and far for a putter, on the edge of being a speed 4.0.

Flight Numbers:
Speed 3
Glide 3
Turn 0
Fade 3


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