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Lucid Evader

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The Evader is your go-to fairway driver. It has controllable speed with nice glide and enough stability to hold the line, even into the wind. The Evader's 7-speed means that you can count on it to fill the distance gap between your 5-speed and 9-speed discs, like the Escape or the Getaway. The Evader is extremely versatile, and its reliable fade means that you can throw it on anhyzer and know that it will get back to flat. If you're looking for a workhorse fairway driver, the Evader belongs in your bag.

Flight Numbers:
Speed = 7
Glide = 4
Turn = 0
Fade = 2.5

About Lucid:
The perfect combination of polymers produce some of the most beautiful and durable plastic in disc golf. This translucent blend can take a beating and maintain the original flight characteristics of the disc for many rounds of disc golf. The Lucid version of a disc will be slightly more overstable than the Fuzion version.