Z UNDERTAKER - Paige Pierce Signature Series

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Discraft Paige Pierce Z UNDERTAKER - Fairway Driver

The versatile workhorse that you'll throw again and again! Undertaker is a must have driver for any skill level. The Z Undertakers have been added to the new 5x World Champion Paige Pierce signature series.

Exact discs pictured. Feast your eyes.

Bro Notes: The Undertaker is a driver that Paul throws in incredible fashion. Like, crushing crushes that mere mortals like us can only dream of...BUT, this is still an awesome disc to thread the fairways with. A narrower rim and lower profile that some of the sharper edged wide rim drivers. Consistent stable flight that provides some nice flex shot capability for throwers like us after it's worn in just a bit.

Flight Numbers:
Speed = 9
Glide = 5
Turn = -1
Fade = 2
Overall Stability Rating = 1.4 (overstable)