DNA Series

What is a DNA Series disc?
We plan to create super-special disc runs every so often, selecting our favorite molds from our trusted manufacturers, designing a killer stamp for it, and commissioning a limited run to release to you here on our site. These special runs will be part of our exclusive DNA Series collection.

How are they released?
These disc drops will be announced ahead of time so you can plan to make your selections as soon as they become available. This drop will have an assortment of all colors and special stamps, etc.

Is there a purchase limit?
We are not placing a limit on how many discs you can purchase at this time. Our plan to give everyone opportunity is by having plenty of stock for a special run like this.

How much is shipping?
Shipping will be calculated at checkout. If you reach $60+ on your order, you get free shipping!

*SPECIAL NUMBERED SET OF 50 VAPOR LUX DNA ESSENCES RELEASING AT 10:50AM 9/28/22* (this set not visible until 10:50am)